10 Things Only People Who Went to Oregon Will Understand

10 things oregon fans alumni students know understand bhhs florida

Located in Eugene, the University of Oregon has a rich history and a stellar reputation. And if you’re lucky enough to be a part of the UO alumni, you’re very proud to be a Duck. Here are ten things that only people who went to the University of Oregon will understand.

10. You Were Wet All the Time


You’ve become accustomed to showing up to class soaking wet because there’s no way to avoid the rain in Oregon. Even if you owned an umbrella you still found yourself forgetting it most days. But it was always fine, because everyone else in your class would be in the same boat as you.  

9. Munchin’ Out with Late Night Eats


If you were hungry late at night, you wouldn’t think twice before heading to Prince Puckler’s for some ice cream. If you were hungry after 11:00pm, you gladly settled for a burrito at Burrito Boy.

8. You’re a True Steve Prefontaine Fan


Track star and Olympian Steve Prefontaine will always be a hero in your eyes. Not only because he attended UO, but also because he was born in Oregon and died in Oregon.  

7. Oregon Games, Especially the Tailgating

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You know that if you attend the University of Oregon, you have to be prepared to take tailgating seriously. It was the best part of any game day, getting together with your friends and fellow students in the parking lot to eat, drink, and cheer on the Ducks.

6. Avoiding The Collier House at All Costs


You never went into the Collier House because you were 99% sure a ghost lived there. Located in the middle of campus, the Collier House is abandoned, run-down, and is by far the most haunted looking building in Eugene.  

5. Power Walking Through the Pioneer Cemetery


Speaking of ghosts, having to walk through the Pioneer Cemetery every day to get to your classes was the creepiest part of attending the University of Oregon, and it’s one thing you definitely do not miss.

4. Waiting in Line at Lillis Café


Lillis Café was your go-to spot for years, if you could find a free table. It is still always filled with students who are trying to get their caffeine fix before rushing off to their next class.

3. Nike Was More Than a Company


Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman both graduated from the UO and then ran the UO Track & Field Program. They also are the co-founders of Nike. Nike manufactures all of the school’s logo, clothing and uniforms, and has made significant donations to the university. This explains why after you graduate you will still proudly wear Nike.

2. Coffee. Lots of Coffee.


Coffee is so important to you, and you truly believe you wouldn’t have been able to graduate without it. You had it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for years, and you still know the beans in Eugene are the best in the country.

1. The University of Oregon is the Best School in the USA


You know all the lyrics to the mighty Oregon chant song, and if you recently attended UO, you probably also know all the lyrics to the single ‘I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)’ by Supwitchugirl, a band composed of three UO students.  

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