Staging with Feng Shui: Boost your Home’s Natural Energy Flow

Feng shui experts are the first to admit that its practices, alone, won’t sell your house. First, you want to have the right price, the right agent and the right marketing plan. Once you have that, try starting with these 5 feng shui techniques, to amp up your chances of a sale.


Arrange Rooms to Welcome Visitors
Modern dining room with colored decoration and plants on the sidesEver walk into a party where all the guests have their backs to you? That’s what it’s like when you walk into a room and all you can see is the back of the furniture.
Solution: Create more intimacy by turning the furniture so that it faces the entry ways.
Another problem? Chairs that are isolated and set down as one-offs. Group chairs in pairs to encourage conversation, placing them diagonally with a small table inbetween.

Create Good Traffic Flow
Good traffic flow isn’t just for parties. Buyers want that in their everyday lives, too—rounding a corner and almost running into a chair is a big no-no.
The rule: You don’t want anything that’s going to keep people from feeling that they can move through an area. Evaluate a room to create easy-to-navigate, open pathways. Make potential buyers feel comfortable, not cramped.

Watch Subliminal Messages
Create a bedroom atmosphere that’s calm, restful and restorative—don’t place a painting over the bed of a three-ring circus, which evokes chaotic energy. Nature scenes, on the other hand, are soothing and will relax buyers.

Make sure to also put away those personal family photos and religious icons. Don’t let your spiritual preferences, sway buyers in any way.

tranquil scene for relaxing beautyCreate Prosperity with Moving Water
Feng shui philosophy advocates shutting toilet lids, as water represents money, and this is the place where water/money escapes. To increase water flow and therefore money, place a small water fountain either at the home’s entrance or in the back left corner of the home, your “wealth” corner. Moving water will circulate prosperity energy throughout the home.

Be Ready to Let Go
If the house isn’t moving, it could be a red flag that you, or other family members, don’t really want to move. If you’re set on leaving, find a way of saying goodbye.

Pile of brown cardboard boxes with house or office goods. Different stuff packed in carton boxes. Moving concept. Set of cargo boxes with yellow sticker labels ready for transportation and unpackingSome strategies:
• Walk room by room through the house and mentally say “thank you” for the good, and bad, times you had there.
• Picture yourself holding the house, presenting it as a gift to the next owner.
• Start packing. It starts moving the energy and releases your hold on the house.

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